SkyClad Ltd Ireland Safety Barrier

Setting Standards

SkyClad’s modular safety rail system is a vital part of ensuring your workplace is safe and compliant. This system combines safety needs along with versatility in use. It is easy to assemble and uses common components that can be assembled using various systems to meet a range of applications.

Our galvanised steel sections are a fundamental element of this design, through the extension or retraction of the modular safety rail bays. Where necessary the system can be assembled to offer the end user a safety perimeter while the modular design reduces the number of components required.

The implementation of SkyClad’s Modular Safety Rail System enables a first line of defence and performs as an essential layer of safety that is required in warehouses and factories, thus, reducing the possibility of injury, machinery down time and building repairs.

The division of our modular safety rail system and its components allow for ease of assembly in limiting spaces, prohibiting access to danger areas, indicating pathways and emergency/escape routes, protection for employees and machinery, provide warning of danger zones i.e. heights, steps, edges.



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