Box Profile

SkyClad Box Profile roof and wall cladding is manufactured to any transportable length, in a choice of PVC or polyester coating. It is available in a variety of colours and is primarily used on industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. SkyClad box profile sheets have a unique “capillary-line” on both sides of the sheet giving it more strength, stability and also anti-capillary action.

Box profile sheeting includes the option of an anti-condensation barrier.

Mini Box

Available in PVC and polyester finish, SkyClad manufacture mini box in a range of colours and the sheets are cut to exact length required.

Box Vented Sheeting

SkyClad vented sheets are louvred on each side to permit maximum ventilation. They are suitable for all types of cladding projects and meet agricultural industry standards. They also come in a variety of colours.

Cranked Box

A variation of the box profile cladding sheets which can be cranked to exact specification. Cranked cladding is primarily used in applications such as cranked canopies.

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