l   Shaun Coyne Managing Director l @scoyne l Profile
Shaun has been at the helm of SkyClad Ltd since 1997 and shares with his team a wealth of knowledge in the areas of construction and steel manufacturing, A strong and succesful Irish Entreprenuer Shaun is constantly striving to the next level by looking at new technologies and desgns
  l   Shauna Coyne Chief Operations Officer twitter @scoyne linked in Profile
Shauna was appointed to Skyclad COO in 2010 and has been involved in our research and development team for our steel frame, modular, affordable housing, both domestically and internationally. Since then Shauna has expanded the company to manufacture a variety of new products.
  l   Susann Judge Company Secretary twitter @scoyne linked in Profile
Susann is a key member of our company managing all aspects of the financial side of the company and also overseeing day to day functions of the company. Her particular focus is on revenue, margins and customer satisfaction.
  l   Laurence Meehan Marketing Manager twitter @scoyne linked in Profile
With over ten years experience in bringing new products to market, web development and design, Laurence currently oversees all aspects of online marketing and print media campaigns. Laurence has previously developed marketing strategies for Ladbrokes, Easons, and Big Red Book Accounts Software.
  l   Rafal Ryzyk 3D Technician twitter @scoyne linked in Profile
Rafal is an experienced member of the Skyhouse team and he holds a Masters Degree in Urban Development. Rafal operates the day to day running of our design team and liases with the factory managers in order to achieve quality production..
  l   Arunas Nemekstis IT Manager twitter @scoyne linked in Profile
Arunas is responsible for all aspects of the Skyclad IT system which comprises of many networks and machines. He is also responsible for ensuring that all software is up to date and functioning both on factory floor and within the offices.

  l   Michael Kelly Senior Sales Executive twitter @scoyne linked in Profile
Michael has been with the company for 13 years and is responsible for sales and customer service. Michael is versed in material pricing and providing the right solution for our clients in order to minimise costs.  
  l   Michael Connolly Senior Sales Executive twitter @scoyne linked in Profile
Michael is with the company for over 9 years and is a cornerstone of the operation. Michael's role ensures that deliveries and made on time and that the right product reaches our clients.  
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